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2022: A Year in Review

Driving Home for Christmas

Open thread: Best Christmas Ever

An atheist, a Jew and a Protestant walk into a Catholic school

A Spiritual Patchwork Quilt

Open thead: Health and Fitness

Warning: this email contains terrible parenting advice

Open Thread: Success, World Cup, Twitter, Andor

Adventures in Success 🥇

Finding solace in hard times

A week in the life of TNF

Open thread: How are you, really?

A Supposedly Bad Thing I Said I’d Never Do

Open thread: Ask me anything

In praise of the middle

We Need to Talk About Dads, Depression, and Suicide

Nine Nights

Logistics Gymnastics

Open Thread: Staying Organised

Don’t You (Forget About Me)

Weekend Thread: Your Dad Crew

Crying at the Sing Sequel

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Lovingly launching your kids through the school gates

How was your summer?

A daily habit for more joyful parenting

A Parenting Away Game

Time to Recharge

Open Thread: Your Own Worst Enemy

Tilling the soil of my psyche

Open Thread: Summer Vacation

Psychedelic Parenting 🍄

Two kids, or not two kids. That is the question.

Happy Father’s Day

Open Thread: How many kids?

Kendrick has two kids, but he is not your savior

Sibling Rivalry

Open thread: How are you feeling?

Hug your family. Tell them you love them.

Open Thread: Regrets, I've had a few ...

Talking regret with Daniel Pink

A mental health checkpoint

Open Thread: Feels different when you're a parent

I'll Dig With It

Open thread: How's work going?

Too Young to be Singing the Blues

A weekend to yourself

Open Thread: Seeking Guidance

A dispatch from your future self

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Are they dead yet?

Open Thread: What are you reading?

(Kids') Party All The Time 🎉

Another Round with the dads

Let’s talk files and piles for a while

Open Thread: Fatherhood Role Models

BASE jumping into the hell zone

Open Thread: Holidaying in 2022

Breaking the bias begins at home

The TNF Member-Only Archive

The Art of Noticing

Open Thread: Your favourite teacher.

When should you talk to your kids about race?

How I Learned to Quit

Open Thread: What apps do you rely on?

The sum of 5 dads

Into the Father-Verse

Open Thread: Let's talk pets

The video that kickstarted this newsletter

Open thread: How do you deal with stress?

Help is out there. You just have to ask.

Open Thread: What are you watching?

On Productivity & Parenting: A Discussion with Oliver Burkeman

Open Thread: How are you feeling?

10 things I learned from a year of TNF

Do I really look a guy with a plan?