What’s your favourite book to read with your kids?

There’s something quite magical about reading with your children. Of course there’s the obvious benefits: helping them develop their vocabulary, their imagination and their level of empathy. But more than that—it’s an opportunity to have a lot of fun.

Reading together is a tiny piece of theatre to an enthralled audience of one. Bodhi, our youngest, is almost 2 and he’s already got his favourite books to read (mainly “Hippos Go Beserk”, a stone-cold classic) which he loves to play along with. And now Padme is older she’s just as excited to read to me as she is when I read to her.

But us parents have our favourites too right? There’s always the times that I’ll silently groan when asked to read something I don’t like. And others that I go straight to when I’m occasionally allowed to choose the bedtime book myself.

So today I want to know: what’s your favourite book to read with your kids and why?

I’ll post mine in the comments and look forward to reading yours.