What's a bad parenting habit you want to break?

¡Hola a todos! How was your week? I’ve been crazy busy this month—probably the busiest I’ve been since the last time I had a “normal” full-time job back in 2018.

Part of it has been work … and, of course, part of it has been starting up this newsletter, and talking to you all in these threads, over email, and on the phone.

I’d like us all to stop and take a few minutes this weekend to think about habits. There’s so many great books on how important habitual behaviour is in becoming the person we want to be. But making good habits is only part of the equation (and one we’ll talk about in the next few weeks).

Today I want to ask what’s a bad parenting habit that you want to break?

As usual, I’ll start, and see you in the comments.