Weekend Thread: Your Dad Crew

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the friends we make. And those who also happen to have kids.

You might have a group of dads from your hometown that you see regularly. Maybe it’s a dad WhatsApp group (or US equivalent, which I assume will be an iMessage thread that you’ve successfully navigated the Green Bubble Problem™) with folks spread near and far. Perhaps it’s connected to the school or nursery, or the NCT group (or local equivalent) where you learned how to put a neatly attach a nappy to a doll, which woefully underprepared you for the real thing.

This weekend, let’s talk dad friends. Who is your crew? How do you know them? What do you do together? And, for those folks doing it in the group chats, please share the name if you can.

As always, I’ll get things going after the jump.