What’s a part of fatherhood that brings you joy?

Wow. In the 9 days The New Fatherhood has started so many wonderful and unexpected things have happened.

  • I’ve had friends message me to say they’ve “been having the most honest and open chat with their mates group on WhatsApp since sharing your newsletter here.”

  • I had a friend’s wife DM me to tell me “thank you for spurring my husband to start one of the most important conversations we’ve had in months.”

  • Comments from fathers-to-be “having lots of doubts and anxieties and looking forward to the community here.” Other already-fathers who agree “we all need to somehow get over the fear of talking unless someone else initiates," and "[wondering] if I am doing more harm than good by taking a sideline approach to fatherhood when compared to my wife."

  • And I’ve had strangers email telling me they’re looking forward to “having a group of fellow dads who you can identify with, trust and occasionally be made aware of an issue you might not know you have.”

Also: huge thanks to all of you who called, emailed and messaged to tell me you’d be my Jenny! Especially to the person who offered to “dress up like it too if needs be…”

As of this morning, there’s now 500 of you here—way beyond what I could have even imagined after such a short time. And I’ve been so inspired by all the conversations we’ve been having already that I thought I’d try something out. If this works, we can keep on doing it.

Every Friday I’ll kick off a weekend discussion and suggest a topic. Today, let’s talk about joy. Fatherhood is filled with moments of joy, you can train yourself to see even more of them, and if you’re truly next-level fathering, you can even find joy in the toughest moments too.

So today I want to ask you all: What’s a part of fatherhood that brings you joy?

I’ll start: the school run. Right now, my daughter and I get 25 uninterrupted minutes of hanging out every morning. We will talk about all sorts of things. She knows all the best shortcuts to avoid the traffic, and can tell if we’re ahead or behind schedule. Every time we turn around the final corner she asks “are we going to be late” even through we’ve never been late. And because we’ve just invested in an Urban Arrow we’re flying up Avinguda Diagonal with the wind in our hair.

And I get 20 quiet downhill moments to myself on the way back.

OK. Now you. Don’t overthink it. Don’t try and stack rank all your most joyous moments.

Just click, type from your gut, and write the first thing that you feel.

I’ll see you in the comments.