"Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do the same? We’re reverse hibernating, hiding out from the heat, pulling the shutters down during the day, and only venturing out in the evening when conditions get slightly more bearable."

I mean, this is how I grew up in California's Central Valley. But you didn't go out at night because it was only bearable after 21:00, and by then you'd be hearing gunshots ringing out in the distance. There were (and increasingly are) stretches of days from July through September when you just don't go outside during the day. Close the blinds, kick on the AC when it gets unbearable, and play video games from about 9:00 on. Even if you had access to a pool, some days it just wasn't worth it to walk or bike to the neighborhood pool for some hyper-chlorinated relief. It was always too late to go out by the time it was a decent temperature (even right now, it's only just dipping below 80F/27C at midnight).

A solid Liz Lemon, "Yes to staying in more!"

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One trick is to ask, “If I had to do this today, would I agree to it?” It’s not a bad rule of thumb, since any future commitment, no matter how far away it might be, will eventually become an imminent problem.”

Wow that is one hella tip! Can hear my calendar chiming with happiness ;)

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I can’t imagine how hot it must be over there in Barcelona. It’s already too much here in Luxembourg, but when I read reports about 49 degrees Celsius...

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