My wife and I still refer to the distinction between "trip" and "vacation" made in this hilarious article: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/vacation-or-trip-a-helpful-guide-for-parents_b_7789310

As our kiddo gets older we are looking forward to someday having a vacation again...

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I have decided taking my family out and about was going to become my special project as a father. I remember when I commented on the this first posting, I was psyching myself up to take my family on their first for reals (i.e., no staying in grandparents’ camper/caravan) camping trip. We went twice in one month, first to the Monterey County and then to Humboldt County in California. It was a great success! Mild cases of poison oak all around (I knew they wouldn’t listen to me). We got to see some massive redwoods and stand quiet as church mice amid a cathedral of giants.

Thanks for helping me remember that! At the time, I was terrified because I had no way to know how my daughters (5 and 7 at the time) and my wife (a self-identified suburbanite with no draw to the wild places of the world, “where things or people will murder you”). Took a risk. Mostly paid off! In a couple weeks we’re now all going to try out a family backpacking trip to the coast. Nothing grueling; lots of beautiful places. It’s gonna be great! They’re such good sports for my ridiculousness!

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Loved reading this slight update to the past versions. We’ve got one kid (13 next month) heading to her grandparents with her cousin for a two weeks while our youngest (9) doing a local gymnastics camp. They have some local art and rock climbing camps, too, in August. And we have one hard rule this summer for both of them: one hour of outdoor time a day. They already think it’s terrible and summer doesn’t start for another week. So we’re in for it.

We’ve also got a trip to Canada to visit family. And lots of running for me in the eat. That October marathon isn’t going to train for itself.

God speed, fellas.

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I missed the school year even before it ended. There's something nice about the way it set the schedule.

This summer I'm planning a few days retreat. The last time I was able to do it (2019), I used the time to hike, read and journal. Not sure what this one will entail but I'm sure it'll be just as memorable.

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