Open Thread: Your Own Worst Enemy

This strep throat has wiped me out, and I’ve been feeling rough all week. I’ve noticed feeling meaner than usual … to myself. Self-critical, thinking I should be trying to do more, even though I’m feeling like a big duffel bag of shit. Guilty because I’m not carrying enough of the parenting load. Defeated as I’m leaning on Bluey and We Bare Bears as temporary childminders more than usual.

I saw my reflection in the mirror before heading to bed last night and thought “fuck, you look terrible.” And as I caught the thought, mid-flow, I was reminded how we’re always tougher on ourselves than we would be with anyone else. How if a friend echoed that cruel internal monologue we’d figure out how to cut that toxicity out of our life.

So no real question this weekend. Just a reflection, and a note to anyone else beating themselves up over something: you’re doing great. Be kind to yourself. And try to do something nice this weekend.