What helps you be a better father?

First, a quick bit of housekeeping: thanks for all the kind words around this week’s post on meditation, and to all of you who signed up to take part in the “Meditation for Dads” course.

After a flurry of emails came in, I realised I should have been much clearer that this course was included as part of a paid subscription for The New Fatherhood. So for those of you who clicked through to the link to sign up, and then were puzzled why it was asking you to pay for a subscription, hopefully this helps.

To reiterate: if you sign up for a paid subscription (annual or monthly) you’ll be given access to the community where the course will be taking place. We’re going to start on Monday 28th June (although some of the folks in the community were so eager to get going that they’ve started already!)

The whole reason for writing that post was because I know a daily meditation habit will help you in your parenting adventures. But there are probably other things that help you too. So, this weekend I’d love to know “What helps you be a better father?”

Hopefully we can learn from each other and steal with glee.