Open thread: What are you watching?

Listen. Get Back is magnificent. I’ve watched one part so far and will be spending my weekend luxuriously bathing in the rest. It’s perfect for parenting: split into bite-sized “days” at around 25 minutes apiece, so you can stop whenever you feel tired, call it a night, and pick up the next evening.

If you’re a big fan of The Beatles you’re in luck—ignore Alexis Petridis dismissing it as “acres of desultory chit-chat (that) feel(s) like a schlep”. To feel like you were there, witnessing the creation of the building blocks that would turn into Let It Be and Abbey Road, as well as seeing four men in their twenties noodling away on songs that would end up being future solo anthems … well, it truly is a gift.

Not a fan? It’s still worth your time if you’re involved in any kind of creative process. There’s a sweet relief in seeing some of the world’s all-time greatest creatives, just like you: sat at a keyboard, scratching their head, trying to figure it out.

If you’ll be watching it, have you started yet? If you’re going to pass, what else are you watching? After finishing Ted Lasso (cheesy, but wonderful), The White Lotus (best thing in a while) and Squid Game (OK, I guess) I’m on the hunt for something to enjoy when I finish my time with Ringo and his buddies.

(Also: I’m also going to my first live gig in a looooong time—Mulatu Astatke, at Sala Apollo—tomorrow night. Excited. Anyone else got musical plans on the horizon?)