Open Thread: Let's talk pets

As we were heading out on the school run this morning my daughter stopped and said “Oh wait, I have to bring a picture of our dog today, can you print one off for me?”

Why these requests always come at 7:45am, and not the night before, I will never know.

But here we are. We have a dog—Branston the basset hound. Having a pet at home brings a new dimension to a family, and can transform a childhood. So this weekend, let’s talk pets: Did you have one growing up? Do you have pets now? How are your kids with them? And if you’re a pet free household speak up too! Allergies? Too much hassle? All of the above?

Hit the button, and share the details. Of course, this thread would be way better with pictures, so here’s one of mine, and I’ll be putting this same shoutout in the community and enjoying looking at kids playing with cute pets all weekend …

A young boy standing on a street corner with a dog.
Bodhi + Branston. New mixtape dropping Summer 2022.