Open Thread: How are you feeling?


Christmas. New year. Back to school. Back to work. It’s been a minute since we checked in.

So let’s start the year off with a simple question: how are you feeling?

I’ll go first: I’m a 6/10 today. It’s been great to get back into the rhythm of the week—kids back at school, getting stuck into work. It was my birthday on Tuesday, and it was magnificent—I’ve now officially entered the last year of my thirties, so that’s something.

But I’m a little wiped out from the whiplash of moving from holidays back to reality. We’re staring down a 7 day confinement for our 2 year old and waiting on confirmation that his class will be locking down later today after 4 positive cases. And, being totally honest, I’m not looking forward to a week of having him home so soon after we managed to find a little headspace.

Enough about me. How are you?