Open Thread: Holidaying in 2022

It’s been a funny old week. On one hand, there’s been something going around my daughter’s class and it’s hit our home hard, with everyone ill except me (which makes a change.) So I feel like I’m slogging it out to get to the end of the week, and hoping everyone will start feeling better after the weekend—but with four kid’s parties on the calendar it doesn’t look like we’ll get much rest.

And on the other, there’s been a few wonderful things happening. First, two members of the community met for “the first IRL TNF pint” in East London. Hilariously both of their partners “were suspicious we were using this as cover for an extramarital date.” Nope, just two dads who met on the internet, hanging out, talking dad stuff.

I want to help more things like this happen this year, so watch this space (and if you’re in Barcelona, let me know if you’re interested in an imminent thing I’m planning.)

Also, Substack launched an app, and featured The New Fatherhood heavily in all their launch materials—a very Wes Anderson-y launch video as well as key imagery, which meant seeing TNF on the homepages of Mashable, The Verge and TechCrunch—as well as being featured amongst some very esteemed company:

iOS only, for the moment. Android waitlist here. You can download the app and read TNF (along with any other Substack newsletters you subscribe to) by downloading it here:

Read The New Fatherhood in the new Substack app
Now available for iOS

So my week has been up and down. In an attempt to forge an event to look forward to I’ve started thinking about a summer holiday. Am I the only one doing this? Or is anyone else thinking vacations already? Maybe you’ve already booked it? Maybe you’re not ready to travel yet?

I feel like every man and their dog will be going away this year. Things are probably going to get booked up early. Am I already giving myself anxiety about not getting a nice place to stay? Only time will tell …

Jump in the comments, let me know what your plans are looking like.