Open thread: Getting to know each other

Spring is here. A friend told me that because of the loosened lockdown rules in the UK, they’re now allowed to sit in the back garden—and drink—with five other people.

And thankfully, that number doesn’t include primary caregivers (so long as they’re working.) So she’s booked a babysitter for tomorrow afternoon, and they’re going to sit drinking rosé in the garden with friends whilst the kids are being looked after. What a great idea. I’m all for it—these little moments of joy that you carve out however you can.

As The New Fatherhood grows, I see in the comments and my inbox that that we’ve got the start of a wonderful group of people here. So this weekend, I’d love it if you could hit the button below, introduce yourself, where in the world you are, a little bit about your family, and anything else you want to share. Can’t wait to hear more about you all.