Open thread: Did having kids change how you feel about work?

I’ve been thinking a lot about Graeme’s comment last week, on what surprised you after becoming a father:

“When my daughter was born, as well as feeling utterly out of my depth and bewildered, I also felt a significant and permanent change in my attitude to work. It was no longer the be-all and end-all. It wasn't my way of proving my worth anymore. Raising my daughter to be a happy, healthy, and fulfilled human being had taken that role. And that was a very unexpected (I cannot state emphatically enough how much I was SERIOUSLY self-absorbed up til then!) but very pleasant surprise. It's made me a better human being.”

I think it’s an incredibly insightful comment, and raises a question that I’d love to hear from more of you about: “did having kids change how you feel about work?”

Looking forward to reading your responses. I’ll be writing mine a little later than normal today—I’m prepping for a pitch this afternoon so want to get that sorted first!