I think a site devoted to fatherhood is wonderful.

I'm the father of three adult children, Lauren 35, married with one child, Andrew, 33, just married, and Michael almost 30. Next to being a husband, nothing has been more important and self-defining to me than my role as a father. I have a lot of lessons learned.

My last post was about what Parents Say and Children Hear.


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Great article thank you.

I think it’s something about hitting the 40’s that you really start to appreciate every moment you have with those you love.

My eldest daughter is ten now. I worry about the day she doesn’t want to spend time with me anymore. It’s quite scary. Therefore, more than ever I’m trying to maximise the time I spend at home and doing stuff with them.

In the book Die With Zero it talks about thinking of your life in seasons. Each season has activities that are appropriate for that season. Ie don’t go to Ibiza to work on the clubbing scene when you’re 50. Make sure you do it when you’re 20.

The same goes for kids. Make sure you’re there. And, when it’s time to move on to the next season you will be ready for the new adventures that brings without the regret or thinking you missed the good bits.

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