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Great article, thanks Kevin! It's something we are wrestling with right now. We sketched up our own list of priorities but having a more codified system is great (I'm a big fan of frameworks). There's lots of interplay amongst all this, trade-offs and compromises, and even hierarchies of priorities to consider. For us, my wife's job is in Amsterdam and she needs to be in the office three days a week so we have to work everything else back from there. So then, the artistry comes in trying to balance the other priorities - for me: space, culture and proximity to family (I'm from the UK - so need access to train or plane - but my Dutch wife's family is further south in the country - and we'd like to be closer). Culture is an interesting one. I don't just see it as the buzz side but also the cultural identity side - I speak Dutch and have Dutch friends but I would feel a bit of an outsider in a traditional Dutch village.

I think your list is great but I might condense the work options a little? Couldn't 'job security' be wrapped up into 'work opportunities' and is there a place to put 'taxes' so it doesn't get its own title, like in 'income'. Last one: could point 12 just be 'Mobility'?

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