I love this sooooooo much. I find myself constantly battling against the BULLSH*T preconceptions of what a “dad” and a “man” are supposed to be. Love the idea of seeing their opportunity as a clean slate. So lovely.

I love ballet, theatre, cuddling and being open with my emotions. I don’t eat meat and I quit drinking and I don’t think that when I’m with the kids I’m “babysitting”. So those are all things that go against the “job” I’ve been assigned by society as a dad. But I’m still every bit the dad I want to be. I love being a dad and I love the dad that I am.

I’m making my own clean slate too, whether society likes it or not. Here’s to us all doing so!

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Jun 29, 2021Liked by Kevin Maguire

This is an important piece to share, and I thank you for doing so. As most people don't fall precisely into gender norms or labels, it's important for us to diversify our understanding and language to ensure we aren't causing distress by omission. It's such a small thing to ask, not really causing any significant strain on others. If someone could make you feel better by simply changing a few words, wouldn't you want them to?

Parental roles, now more than ever, are interwoven and shared in almost every way. It's important that we can understand and respect each person's contribution to the dynamic. Every person, if willing and able, has a part to play to raise the next generation better than the one before.

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